Donald Trump calls for a trade. Obama’s papers for Romney’s tax returns. Trump states that Obama has spent four million dollars in legal fees to conceal his past. Why? What is Obama so afraid to show us? We already know what he is, and what he is not. We deserve to know who he is and where he has been and what he has been doing. Mitt Romney’s tax records are clean. Romney is wise to hold out. That gives him an ace in the hole. Clean tax records for dirty laundry. What a deal!


Coach Dave Daubenmire has noticed it, and he has the courage to write about it. More and more people are getting a clue. An historic polarization between good and evil is underway. There is a division among all people. You stand for good or you stand for evil. Straddling the fence and hoping to remain neutral or above the conflict puts you on the side of evil. Idleness is evil. The days of claiming ignorance as an excuse are vanishing. Every thinking individual has sufficient evidence to make an informed choice regarding the 2012 presidential candidates.

Satan’s Party Platform, I’m Not The Only One Who Sees It For What It Is

Breitbart’s Film, Occupy Unmasked, is Vindicated as Leaders Concede Goal is Revolution

The late Andrew Breitbart, who was assassinated, left us a final film titled Occupy Unmasked. The film uncovers a sinister motive behind the Occupy movements. These movements are not spontaneous, grass-roots efforts to improve America. They are staged events planned in advance and coordinated at the national level for the purpose of inciting violence and revolution to destroy America. Ask yourself why the mainstream media portrays the Occupy movements as peaceful, and why Obama pretends to sympathize with their frustrations.

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Eve, the first to become mortal, remained inert until Adam followed suit. Adam’s mortal secretions were mutually reactive with Eve’s. Mortality spread across the planet, becoming the first 100-percent lethal pandemic to effect every living organism on Earth. Within one millennium, physical death became a ubiquitous attribute. Mortal life brought with it the capacity to procreate. Man, animal, and plant life began to multiply, producing offspring of their own kind, in their own image. Earth descended from its Terrestrial estate, becoming a Telestial world for the next six thousand years. Welcome to the twilight of the sixth millennium. What’s next?

None Dare Call it Conspiracy

Chinese Ghost Cities Future Refuge for World Elites

Pyramids Dot the Earth

True Life Excerpt from Earth Sink

The Title of Liberty

FBI Official Saw Angels, Not Victims at Flight 93 Crash Site

Under Attack from Within

It Makes Perfect Sense

Alien Abductions are Misnomers

Front Row Seats to History’s Greatest Event






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Prophetic warnings are being fulfilled today. The biggest conspiracy to afflict the human family on this earth has been described for centuries, yet we aid and abet its perpetrators and call ourselves progressive.

More than financial asset protection, entire new cities are being built by the Chinese with no known prospective residents. And these cities are not just going up on the Chinese mainland. They are being erected all around the world. Redundancy and survivability. Something is brewing. Natural, manmade, or both. Whatever it is, the public is being kept out of the loop.

No crash victims at the scene, but countless angles in warrior garb surrounding the perimeter. Did angels tasked with unleashing wrath upon the earth in the near future rescue the passengers?

What function did, or do, the pyramids serve? Why are there so many being discovered around the world? Some are under water. Could they be nodes in a vast navigation array, as well as a world wide wireless power grid? Gives a whole new meaning to www.

How does your spirit inhabit your body? What keeps your spirit integrated with your body? Spirits pass through mortal matter like it is not there, so what anchors a spirit to the body it inhabits? What makes you alive?

Our American Flag was preceded by a flag raised in defense of liberty some 2,085 years ago, right here on this same land we call home. The conspiracies they faced are exactly what we face. Only the names of the players are different.

As this de facto dictator blasphemes our flag with his wretched face in similitude of Stalin, Hitler, Hussein, and other despots, I think of the seldom sung verse of the Battle Hymn of the Republic.

I have read a fiery gospel writ in burnished rows of steel: "As ye deal with my contemners, so with you my grace shall deal; Let the Hero, born of woman, crush the serpent with his heel, Since God is marching on."

Why SETI? Why does SETI fail to find anything out there? Perhaps we are looking at the wrong indicators. Anyone out there using quantum communications is able to bypass the electromagnetic spectrum. Those of us dependent on the propagation of electromagnetic waves for observation and communication are unable to pick up quantum communications. Even if people out there are using the spectrum, our instruments cannot detect frequencies in the sub-radio and super-gamma ranges.

They are not aliens. They are worse. They remember you, but you do not remember them. One third of the human family that pertains to this earth will never be born. Those spirits that forfeited their right to be born will never have bodies of their own, so they covet yours. But there is much more to it than that.

If something happened on Earth that directly affected people on every world created by God, would not the inhabitants of those worlds be keenly interested in that event and everything related to it? That quintessential event transcends time.

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Breaking news article dated July 4, 2012 by Ian O’Neill at Particle Consistent with Higgs Boson Discovered. The LHC has produced consistent indications that the elusive Higgs Boson, a subatomic particle that underpins the existence of the universe by endowing matter with mass, has been found. This discovery offers empirical evidence of the existence of God. It is called the God Particle for a reason.

Higgs Boson Discoverd at CERN Large Hadron Collider


A 100-Word Anthropology Teaser

Science Archives July 2012

HAARP Triggering Ancient Pyramid Power

The High frequency Auroral Research Program, HAARP, is apparently capable of doing far more than manipulating Earth’s ionosphere. An article in makes a convincing argument that HAARP may actually be capable of affecting gravity and time. If that is the case, then it gives a whole new level of meaning to the biblical prophesy in Daniel 7:23-25 that mentions a despotic ruler thinking to change times and laws. What if Daniel was not merely referring to a political scenario? What if he was also talking about time itself, and the laws of physics?


Mega-Quake Ley-Line Creation Matrix of 188

Three-part YouTube video documentary observes that for as long as earthquakes have been recorded, every major quake has occurred on a cycle of 188 days, plus or minus 8, 11, or 15 days. Was Earth intelligently designed to experience quakes on this cycle in locations that correspond to geometric patterns shown on the maps? Interestingly, the Giza pyramid stands at a key point on this grid. The observations suggest Earth is a living being. Why else would Earth have been baptized by immersion in Noah’s day? Earth’s confirmation, that is baptism by fire, is pending.

Mysteries Archives July 2012

Since 1998, if not earlier, systematic and ongoing global operations have been releasing harmful aerosols into the atmosphere. Flu-like symptoms are a convenient cover. Between 2003 and 2009, the life expectancy in the USA dropped from 77.6 years to 69.3 years. That is a loss of over eight years of life expectancy in less than six years. Many people also show symptoms of a mysterious ailment called Morgellons Disease, likely linked to chemtrails. The CDC will not say whether Morgellons is a new disorder or just another name for delusional parasitosis.

Chemtrails and Morgellons Disease


Conspiracy Theories and Paranormal Phenomena

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Jim Sparks 18 Years of Recurring Abductions

For 18 years, Jim Sparks had recurring nightmares. Then, he discovered they were not nightmares. They were memories. Jim Sparks is telling the truth. What he may not realize is that his abductors are not aliens. His paranormal experiences are completely real, and he has evidence to prove it. Read an alternative explanation and watch the video of his interview with Coast to Coast AM.


WND Exlusive: Trump Renews Push to Unseal Obama Records

Now White House Collecting Your Personal Info


WND reports on White House efforts to data mine your private and personal information across multiple federal agencies. Along with this invasion of your privacy, you could be end up on a terrorist watch list for simply being a Christian who loves the Constitution and believes Biblical end times prophecies. Under Obama, Islamic extremism is considered a non-issue, but conservative American citizens are labeled terrorists. When liberals promote perversions, it’s free speech. If conservatives speak up for truth and liberty, it’s labeled hate speech, bigotry, and terrorism.

The ancient pyramids were not built by aliens. Our modern technological advancements did not come from aliens. The truth, to some folks, may be more surprising than extraterrestrial encounters. Stranger still is the fact that many people are more willing to accept the notion of alien intervention than accept the more likely explanation right here on Earth. That is not to say there are no people on other planets. Of course, there are. But, there is a reason why we remain isolated from them for a time. Read the article and connect the dots, then decide for yourself.

Ancient Pyramids, the Tower of Babel, and Nibiru

Aerosol Crimes Chemtrails DVD
World of Nicola Tesla - 2- DVD
Ancient Aliens: Season One 3-DVD set
UFO Abductions

The Obama False Flag Attack That Would Suspend 2012 Elections hints at a globalist psychological operation to attack Obama or his family and then use the attack as leverage to impose martial law nationwide, pushing America toward a one world government. It should come as no surprise if an attempt on Obama or his family is instigated by Obama himself, or his handlers. By hook or by crook, Obama is determined to stay in power. While Romney and Ryan gain ground, Obama has little chance in a fair election. As always, he will play dirty. But, he is expendable in the eyes the secret societies who operate him. When they are done with him, they will assassinate him.


Lucifer’s Plan and The Liberal Leftist Agenda, Seeds of Apostasy and Treason

In our pre-mortal life, we fought a war in Heaven. We now face a continuation of the same conflict over the same ideologies with which we contended before we were born. The only difference is that we are not fighting for our right to be born. We won that battle, obviously. We are still at war over our temporal and eternal freedoms. It is insane to think we can ignore the fight for freedom and just live the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the fight for freedom. Those who are drawn to the liberal mindset probably identified with Lucifer’s plan in the pre-mortal life, but swung to God’s side in time to qualify for birth into mortal life. Lucifer’s plan and the liberal agenda are one in the same.

Nitro-Pak Ultimate Pak Freeze-Dried Food
Earthquake Preparedness
Nitro-Pak Emergency Preparedness Center
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Nitro-Pak Preparedness Center

Go see this movie. We do not know Obama. But, we see his policies. We know his associates. Obama is dangerous to America and the world. If he remains in power through 2016, expect an Islamic superstate, a new axis of evil, the United States of Islam. Israel will be an Island in the midst of organized oppressors. America’s nuclear arsenal will drop from 1,500 warheads to 300 in an effort to level the playing field and bring us down to par with other nuclear nations, most of whom are hostile to America. Obama is determined to disarm America. You can love him or hate him, but you don’t know him, and you will regret having ever voted for him.

A New World Order Triad of Doom


2016 Obama’s America

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), Article 15 of the UN Arms Trade Treaty, and UN Agenda 21 (Sustainable Development) share common underpinnings in secret societies that aim to subjugate America and the world under a centralized global government. Any one of these pieces of legislation could be misused to horrific ends, but the combination of them will bring about an eventual holocaust that will dwarf what Hitler did in the 1940s. Turn to God or go the way of the Jaredites.

The McNaughton Fine Art Company, owned by the famous and gifted artist, Jon McNaughton, has released an interactive painting created by Jon’s own hand. Known for his poignant and profound, often controversial art, Jon does not disappoint. His recent piece, Obamanation, is featured in The Blaze article, Have You Seen The Most Recent Interactive Painting Depicting The Obama Administration's Dangerous Atrocities. The article was published August 31, 2012. Jon McNaughton is a true patriot who applies his God-given talent to help preserve our God-given nation.

Obamanation by Jon McNaughton


Ever heard of Oppositional Defiant Disorder, ODD? It is a fairly recently categorized mental disorder usually affecting children. It involves acts of defiance toward authority figures. More recently, ODD is being used as a catch-all label for veterans who display patriotic sentiments and speak out against government corruption. A young Marine was falsely diagnosed with ODD and sequestered to a mental institution after using Facebook to post evidence of government involvement in the 911 attacks. Obviously, the Twin Towers were brought down by demolition, not by aircraft impact or fire. But, that is another topic for another article.

Painting by Numbers, The Picture The Federal Government is Painting With Your Blood


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Votes Matter

The biggest lesson learned from Libya might be that elections matter. Liberals are quick to blame a video satire on Muhammad for the September 11, 2012 terrorist attacks against American embassies in the middle east. But, those same liberals refuse to take responsibility for the fact that they voted for Obama in 2008 and are voting for him again in 2012. Obama has weakened America and appeased and coddled our enemies to the point that they are emboldened against us. Only Mitt Romney had anything presidential to say, and he is not even president yet. But then again, Obama is not the president either.


PREPARED - Free Download Novel by Morris Hollis 2012

Soldier Tells Truth. Don’t Let FEMA Get You.

One American soldier expresses a warning voice to Americans. There are a lot of American troops, particularly enlisted troops, who will fight for the Constitution even if doing so pits them against their commanding officers and the federal government. When the federal government goes rogue, even more than it has already, you can count on there being a war between patriots and the socialist federal government. Given that liberals in and out of government are cowards, expect foreign troops on American soil to do the dirty work of rounding you up and possibly killing you.

#video-soldier-tells-truth-dont-let-fema-get-you #image-2016-obamas-america-satans-party

It baffles me that anyone who considers himself Christian would vote for Obama. Everything Obama does is exactly what the Bible warns us not to do. Socialist politics, deceptive agendas, and murderous ideologies aside, Obama is as filthy as they come, and his filth runs to his core. That is why he goes to such great lengths to hide his past. Because he has not changed. Yet, he wants to change you and your country. He has kept one and only one campaign promise. He has fundamentally changed America. And not for the better. He is afraid of you, the voter, because you are starting to see him for what he is.

Obama Marriage Arranged to Hide Barack’s Ongoing Homeosexual Behavior


October 2012 General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

The Real Reason CIA Director General David Patraeus Resigned

The story behind the resignation of CIA Director, General David Patraeus is becoming more interesting by the day. The more attention it gets, the more Obama squirms. The entire Libya debacle has got to be one of the most significant murder scandals in recent history, and Patraeus is the fall guy. All evidence points to Obama, but as we already know, Obama is accustomed to getting away with murder.

The Jim Sumpter Show

FrontPage Magazine

Library of Congress Thomas

October Surprise

Right Turn Forever

Voting Machines Rigged for Obama

Evidence is turning up suggesting many voting machines were rigged for Obama. Romney showed grace and true sportsmanship, congratulating Obama and encouraging the nation to pray for Obama, even as Obama smugly walked away with a fraudulent victory. Interestingly, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints issued an official statement congratulating Obama and encouraging people to pray for our national leaders. The Church does not endorse or oppose candidates. Ye shall know them by their fruits.

No Other Explanation Fits

The Drudge Report

Free Constitution Courses Online from Hillsdale College

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